Every  member must take an official training course to MoD/NRA standard inorder to be allowed to shoot on MoD ranges. Upon completion you will be issued with your “Shooter Certification Card” which is required to be held by civilians using military ranges. This card must be carried with you every time you shoot.

You will need to purchase a copy of the NRA Probationary Training Manual which we provide at cost. You receive instruction on each module on the booklet which will then be signed by your instructor. The modules passed will be included on your certification card. 

Once completed you may then shoot at any of the clubs shoots without an instructor – once you have completed your six month probationary period you become a full member and may apply to the police for your own firearm certificate.

Training Fees
Training costs are set out on our fees page. The fee includes instruction by a club instructor, rifle and equipment hire and the issue of your Shooter Safety Card which will be re-issued annually upon renewal of your membership.

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