We will normally waive the probationary period if you are a current full member of another Home Office approved club or you hold a personal Firearm Certificate. Anyone who does not have the Shooter Safety Card must undergo the relevant training course.

Full Membership
Becoming a full member means that you can demonstrate that you are safe with firearms and that you have undergone a proper training course. Full membership is granted after your six month probationary period. The club will provide a statement to this effect in support of your application for your own Firearm Certificate. Minimum age for membership is 14 years. However, anyone under 18 must join with a parent to comply with MoD range use rules.

Click here to download our application form

Note: It is a legal requirement that clubs provide their local police firearms licensing department with the name and address of everyone applying for membership. We do this only when we have received your completed application form.

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